Birds And Birdwatching Course In Cuenca!

Birds And Birdwatching Course In Cuenca!

August 7th and 8th

This course is directed to anybody interested in learning about birds and how to birdwatch, and no previous bird knowledge or birdwatching experience is needed.

The course includes 5 hours of lectures, where subjects, such as diversity of birds in Southern Ecuador, introduction to birdwatch, evolution, conservation, endemism, threats, and some aspects of the species seen at the field trips, are going to be given in a general way.

Another 5 hours include birdwatching field trips at Pumapungo (Cuenca), El Chorro (Girón), and Hacienda Chalcapac (Yunguilla). The cost includes: transportation from Cuenca to El Chorro and Yunguilla and back to Cuenca, two coffee breaks, a field breakfast, lunch, entrance fees to El Chorro and Hacienda Chalcapac, and a bird list of the places visited.

The course will be given by a professional in the area (biologist-ornithologist) and another ornithologist will give a short lecture about a bird project done in Cuenca.

See flyer below for more information.