Cafe Eucalyptus Is Back!

Do you remember when Cafe Eucalyptus was the Best Place in Cuenca for fabulous International fare and live music for dancing?  For more than a decade we were the stop you had to make when you visited Cuenca!  With live music every week for dancing to latin music, ballads, tangos and rock and roll, and culinary delights like Asian fusion, northern Italian, specialty seafood, Thai and vegetarian dishes, we’ve always satisfied the craving you had for both food and fun.  And all that was topped off with the finest range of spirits and cocktails in the city!

Well, guess what?   We’re back!!  The star who turned Cafe Eucalyptus into Lonley Planet’s “Best Restaurant” in Cuenca is back!



Codi Pripis has returned to Cuenca to take over the place and has come back with even bigger ideas than before!!  And she wants to invite all of you to the Grand Re-Opening with what is sure to be one of the most remembered nights in Cuenca in a long time!

Join us on Friday, July 24th for a night of fun, food and dancing with “La Onda,” a 7-piece Orchestra that is going to make you want to finish that desert and jump up and get on the dance floor!

The event promises to be an amazing evening under the direction of EGO Farras production company.  You’ll leave thinking, “Wow!  I really missed this place!!”

We’re even going to challenge you and your friends to be the “Most Cheerful Table” of the night by offering a free bottle of your choice of libation to the happiest group!

So, come join us this Friday and bring your dancing shoes!  We are still, as always, at Gran Columbia and Benigno Malo in the historic center of Cuenca.

For dinner reservations before the music starts, call us at 2849157!