Cloud Poems

From Vodka Musings and Cloud Poems


Photo credit: Sara Coppler

Photo credit: Sara Coppler


I caught sight of your gliding figure

along the eastern side of the Andes

your layer upon layer tulle skirt

exposed curves in rolling clouds



More than beautiful

More than subtle

More than delicate


You dip and lilt over depressions

in a paleness full of want

carelessly encroaching on

a darkening sky


A torrential rain

descends and obliterates

your voluptuous shape

and slaps you through our skylights


As if a grief-stricken galaxy

you spill lightning and spiral entrails

directly into the living room

It does not last long


The silence sticks

to our oversized chairs,

the eucalyptus floor, and comes to rest

on the well-worn prayer rugs

dutifully facing Mecca

Scents of devout bare feet and forgiveness

breathe into the still air of the room



More than beautiful

More than subtle

More than delicate


Photo credit: Sara Coppler

Photo credit: Sara Coppler


Elongated hands and fingers

fan out into clouds

of glazed orange marmalade


Upper draft winds metamorphose cumuli

into long-necked alpacas gliding

towards mountains near dark

No sound



Clouds, shadows of mountains,

inhale cold curves and edges of heat

rising from valleys below

They oscillate into high cirrus clouds

pure white tufts of mare’s tails

curly ringlets stolen from young girls

licking ice crystals, playing hopscotch

in a frisky wind.


Magdelena Herreshoff

Magdelena Herreshoff

Magdalena Herreshoff is a poet and short story writer. She is presently working on a new chapbook, a small hand-sewn, limited edition poetry book called Vodka Musings and Cloud Poems. The Cloud Poems published here are from this new edition. She has authored four limited edition art books. Three art books are in Special Collections, University of WA, Seattle. Torsos, A Breast Cancer Journey,1995: Lena Lake book art sculpture,1998; Field Flags, 2000;Bird Tracks, 2010.

Magdalena, born in the Netherlands in 1942, lives with her husband Daniel Herreshoff in Uzhupud, in the Andes of Ecuador. You can read her Poetry and Short Stories blog at