Creative Words from Cuenca Artisans

Caucho Fountain

Tiago: Mashca Galería

Tiago Bedón, former co-owner of Mashca Galería

Kristen: Describe your work in a few words.

Tiago: “Reflect culture and colors and textures…all of my family are vehicles for art: music, crazy, everything…Indigenous colors, like the flag colors, are used in my work…

“Art is identity, love, and maybe pride.”

Marisol: ProCaucho, Cuenca

Marisol, creator of Caucho Artwork

Kristen: How did you get into making furniture and art out of used car parts?

Marisol: My parents worked in car parts. We learned that growing up, but I wanted to change, so I started making art with caucho, rubber.

Art is when you see something and imagine it into something new. My art has a message, to clean the planet of trash.

We, Cuencanos, are very capable, we’re good businessmen. We have potential to do a lot in the face of big companies.”

Caucho Furniture

Pablo y Silvia: Madre Terra 

Madre Terra organic products creators

Kristen: How did you get into making organic products?

Pablo: “Five years ago, we were at the dark side of the force. We were working with a chemist brand of cosmetics with all chemicals and our son started to develop problems with allergies. We started doing green product research. We started with soap with no colorants or preservatives. We want to help people with skin problems who are allergic to the dermal pharmacy testing. We want to do shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant. We received an award from Bona Terra Foundation as the best new improved green organic product of 2015. Everything is hand-made, without machines.

It is a mixture of art and science, especially quantum physics. We stay five minutes close to our products with both hands above, sending love.

That is why we have remarkable results; when people use the products, they feel it (the love) and the positive energy and each atom can receive and give energy.

Madre Terra Jabones

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