Kichwa News Sources

There are more than a million indigenous people living in Ecuador. Some of them do not speak Spanish. So how do these people get the news of the day?

Photo credit; José  Mafia, El Comercio

Photo credit; José Mafia, El Comercio

Radio Ilumán in Otavalo Canton has been transmitting programs in both Kichwa and Spanish for 15 years (96.7 FM). One of the most popular programs is called “Shimiwillachi” (spread the word) which airs from 7 to 8 a.m.. The signal reaches Otavalo, Cotacachi and Antonio Ante Cantons, one of the largest indigenous areas in the country. The news focuses on what is going on in the local communities

Also in Imbabura Province, there is the newspaper Wiñay Kawsay which is in both Kichwa and Spanish. It’s the product of the Asociación de Jóvenes Kichwas de Imbabura which seeks to strengthen the indigenous language. The radio program “Ampara Su” broadcasts to the Awá people living in Esmeraldas, Carchi and Imbabura Provinces. One of the strongest efforts is the “Red Kichwa” network which is an effort by ten stations to reach out to indigenous peoples.



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