Music Scene: Rick’s House Concert Had The Delta Bl...

Music Scene: Rick’s House Concert Had The Delta Blues

On Sunday, May 23, Cuenca was treated to an awesome display of down-home delta blues. Playing to another sold out audience at Rick’s House Concert, Matej Ptaszek, an extraordinary Blues Harmonica Player from the Czech Republic fronted the band with his unique take on the classic Stormy Monday. Joining Matej were Johnny Rodrigo and Matthew Hart on guitar. As an added surprise, Nelson, a wonderful fiddle player sat in with the group. Include an accomplished Cajun player, and the joint was rockin’.

Good times in Cuenca!

Check out the YouTube video from Sunday night:

Rick hosts regular concerts with diverse and talented musicians from around the world in his home in Cuenca, Ecuador. He also has a photo blog, Ricardo in Ecuador. Rick moved to Cuenca in September 2012.