Our Community Cares

Our poor relatives and friends back in the U.S., Canada, Australia, England, etc., picture us Expats as being isolated and alone in this foreign country. Never has there been anything further from the truth!

We are Community here in Cuenca – with a capital “C.” And because of that, we here at Zero would like to enlist your help in making known the cares and needs of our community.

Zero cares too!

Zero cares too!

Starting in June, Zero will begin the “Our Community Cares” announcements in print and online. Included will be tributes to those who have left us, special needs of our community members, and other topics of concern.

However, we need your help in identifying these concerns and providing accurate information regarding them. If you could email those concerns to Sheryl Cooper at sheryl@zeroenterprises.com we will do our best to provide this information to the Cuenca Community.